A bridge like no other

Wishes on Washington Street

An Augmented Reality Experience on Brooklyn's Most Iconic Block!

Leave your mark, virtually forever.

Customize a Wish with that selfie you just took (or best glam shot) + text/audio messages.

Explore the wishes left by others on this iconic backdrop.

Well-wishers from all over the world are immortalizing their thoughts on the Manhattan Bridge, with wishes from Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Benin, Canada, Chile, Cuba, France, Georgia, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, the Philippines, Spain, Uruguay, the UK and the USA!


iOS only – for now. 

Can't make it to Washington Street? Share your selfies with us and we'll add them for you: @dumbobid #WishesOnWashington

Bonus! Earn perks from neighborhood retailers for every Wish posted.

* Note, this app only works on Washington Street! It uses the Manhattan Bridge to map the experience - thanks to awesome AR technology from Juniper Jones.

We hope that checking out the wishes of others will warm the hearts of all who visit this special spot.

Wishes on Washington Street is created by Juniper Jones, a Dumbo-based creative agency, production studio, and technology lab, that specializes in visual storytelling and technology driven experiences, while shortening the distance between an idea and its execution.


While adding your wish, please be aware of your surroundings and stay on the sidewalk. And please be mindful of our neighbors who call Washington Street home.

“The new app truly reflects the essence of Dumbo, merging tech with art and design, and showcasing Brooklyn’s most iconic block. Users can make their mark and then claim their perks, showing small businesses some love around the neighborhood. "

Alexandria Sica