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1 Samin Ahmadzadeh
The Path After the Flowers | Samin Ahmadzadeh

Samin Ahmadzadeh

The Klompching Gallery was established in Dumbo, Brooklyn in September 2007, and consider themselves a committed and vital part of the arts and cultural community in Dumbo. Owned and operated by Debra Klomp Ching and Darren Ching, the gallery quickly established itself as a gallery with an extraordinary roster of international artists. They love the neighborhood, and feel disconnected not being there at this time. They look forward to re-opening, first by appointment and then resuming our usual hours. When they do, they hope folks will come by and say hello. Samin Ahmadzadeh, a featured artist in the gallery, weaves photographs from her family archive.

How to buy

Browse more work on the Klompching website here, and on Instagram here. Email debra@klompching.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $950.

2 Yasi Alipour
Untitled | Yasi Alipour

Yasi Alipour

Yasi Alipour uses text and intricately folded pieces of paper to elucidate counternarratives about Iran, specifically the country’s 1979-89 revolution and relationship with the US. In her series “As Dreams Become History,” for example, Alipour asked friends living in the Iranian diaspora and born after the revolution to share second-hand memories of that decade shared by family and older friends. These texts she paired with sheets of paper printed with black ink and then folded into geometric tessellations referencing Islamic geometric abstraction. Her research-based practice spans sculpture, installation, performance, drawing, writing, lectures, and experimentation and probes personal history to parse issues around political instability and interrupted histories. Her artistic practice is founded on the lived experience of a Middle Eastern queer woman and a citizen with a politically unhinged society and an interrupted history.

How to buy

Browse more work on her website here, and on Instagram here. Email ya2370@columbia.edu for next steps.

The example work featured here is $800.

3 Patricia Ayres
Untitled No. 5 | Patricia Ayres

Patricia Ayres

After completing an MFA from Hunter College (CUNY) in 2018, Ayres attended The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Residency (2019) as well as the Studios at MASS MoCA.  Currently, she is an artist-in-residence at Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program and slated for a residency at Sculpture Space (2021-22).

Ayres has long considered themes of the body. Drawing on her knowledge as a fashion designer, she brings materials and hardware from the fashion industry into her artwork transforming and rendering them non-functional. Ayres's sculptures relate to stories of isolation, separation, and confinement.

How to buy

Browse more work on her website here, and on her Instagram here. Email ayresbrooklyn@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $5,500.

4 Susan Bee
Crimson Dahlia | Susan Bee

Susan Bee

Commissioning new work from twenty-seven artists—members of the New York A.I.R. collective and participants in the 2019-2020 Fellowship program—Sympoiesis prompts a collective reflection on the novel conditions of living and making in the time of COVID-19. Between May 4 and May 22, 2020, A.I.R. will release three new works every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday via our website and social media platforms. Susan Bee is one of the artists featured in this gallery. Crimson Dahlia is one in a series of still lifes that Bee painted between 2016 and 2018.

How to buy

If you are interested in Crimson Dahlia, you can email nkaack@airgallery.org for next steps.

The example work featured here is $3,500.

Joe Bloch
BRUKLYN | Joe Bloch

Joe Bloch

Joe Bloch is the founder of CREATIVEBLOCH, an art studio and gallery based in DUMBO, BK. Joe's career of over 25 years includes commercial illustration, fine art and art direction for many clients. He has also curated various shows and published an art magazine.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here, and on his Instagram here. Fill out the contact form here for next steps.

The example work featured here is $5,000.

Jim Condron
He's a bloody four-letter man | Jim Condron

Jim Condron

Condron’s pieces express humor, absurdity and beauty through the combination and interaction of everyday objects, castoff remnants and paint. Each piece is titled with a textual fragment from a story that intends to add to the work’s rhetoric rather than naming or defining it. Titles are applied to the pieces the same way Condron assembles materials and are appropriated from literature by an array of great authors such as Don DeLillo, James Salter, Anton Chekhov, Nikolai Gogol, Oscar Wilde, Hunter Thompson, Kurt Vonnegut, Ernest Hemmingway, Henry Miller, Anais Nin, and others.

How to buy

Browse more work on his website here, and on Instagram here. Fill out the contact form here for next steps.

The example work featured here is $800.

Marc Dennis
Girl With a Hoop | Marc Dennis

Marc Dennis

Marc Dennis is an American artist known for his hyper-realistic paintings that celebrate the subversive potential of beauty and sexuality and explore the charged subjects of identity, pleasure and power.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here, and on his Instagram here. Email marc@marcdennis.com for next steps.

Artwork pricing available upon request.

Peter Drake
Lookout | Peter Drake

Peter Drake

Peter Drake is a painter whose work sheds light on small strange moments. Magazines, movies, toys and art history are some of the raw elements of his paintings. Working in full technicolor or subtractively (sanding away at the surface) in black and white Drake thinks of his paintings as Giotto meets Vermeer on the way to David Lynch's house.

The community of artists in Dumbo feels more like a neighborhood of friends. Having his studio in Dumbo since 2016 through the Two Trees Cultural Subsidy Space program has been such a positive experience for Drake. Drake feels it is extremely important for artists of all ages and standing to form and nurture their communities. Community outreach by studio visits, demos or participating in Dumbo Open Studios have been a highlight of his time in Dumbo.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here, and on his Instagram here. Email peter@peterdrakeartist.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $850.

Martin Dull
Torrent | Martin Dull

Martin Dull

Martin Dull is a mixed media artist who received his MFA from the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture in 2015. He has been the recipient of several grants, awards and residencies and is co-founder of the curatorial collaborative, JMN Artists. His artwork has been included in both group and solo exhibitions throughout the United States, most notably his recent solo exhibitions at John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY, and M David & Co, Brooklyn, NY. Dull's current body of work uses the language of abstraction and installation to communicate the contemporary zeitgeist. The conflation of personal narrative, poetry, mythology, and iconography create environments that rattle the viewer’s preconceptions and open them to broader questions of humanity, spirituality, and the role of art in fostering dialogue.

This body of work is born from a calculated game of chance. As the materials dry, hierarchies develop and an image emerges. The success of the work relies on patience and persistence - faith, if you will - in the unpredictable. A fitting metaphor during the Covid-19 crisis.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here, and on his Instagram here. Email martindullart@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $350.

Stephanie Echeveste
Somewhere Else | Stephanie Echeveste

Stephanie Echeveste

Stephanie Echeveste is a mixed media artist who uses found materials, natural fibers, oil, acrylic, and watercolor to create assemblages, sculptures, and works on paper.

Stephanie is currently working with found and manipulated natural fibers and used plastic bags. She weaves, sews, embroiders, paints, and layers her materials to create imagery related to her personal experiences and imagined lives of her ancestors. Her work is rooted in her identity as a third-generation Chicana, her love of cities and public spaces, her struggle with social media and performed identities, and her struggle with personal time management.

How to buy

Browse more work on her website here, and on Instagram here. Email stephanie.echeveste@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $125.

Rodolfo Edwards
Light up screens 3 | Rodolfo Edwards

Rodolfo Edwards

Born in Santiago Chile, on October 17th, 1981, the Artist made a name for himself by creating architectural scenes using Photography and Painting to showcase cultural and natural wildlife.

He moved to New York City in 2010 to pursue a career in Visual Art; he was invited to study at The Arts Student League of New York in the four-year program, he received many grants, invitations, which ultimately led to being acquired into the Institutes permanent collection.

Edwards can resume that his recent work is a representation of the space, their use and the projection. At the same way his work is represented in different medias mentioned before to encompass the complexity of the geopolitical contemporary problematic of the urbanist scene and their social impact.

How to buy

Browse more work on his website here, and on Instagram here. Email info@rodolfoedwards.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $750.

Screen Shot 2020 05 23 At 1 49 59 Pm
Rock Sanger Aus New York | David Craig Ellis

David Craig Ellis

A Canadian artist working in Brooklyn, producing endless amounts of Pop Art. Ellis has been holed up, up in the trees, up at his house in the Hudson Valley. He long ago ran out of art supplies and have reverted back to his early days of painting on rubbish, scrap wood, and cardboard. Ellis so misses LA Bagels, 1st Thursday Gallery Walk and his DUMBO studio. See you soon!

How to buy

Browse more work on his website here, and on Instagram here. Email davidcraigellisstudio@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $450.

Zeph Farmby
"Untitled" - Jean-Michel Basquiat Limited Edition Giclée Print | Zeph Farmby

Zeph Farmby

In the past, Zeph has used his artistic platform to foster conversations about capitalism, classism and the socio-economic effects of the imagery we’re bombarded with daily in “Pursuing False Idols”. In “Color Me Bad”, Zeph debuted his “Brainwashed” series which depicted the subliminal imagery shown in popular cartoons of African Americans in a negative light and the effect it has on how they see themselves and later behave like those stereotypes. If chronicled, Zeph’s body of work can flipped like an African American Studies textbook.

Squeezing in time to work during the pandemic has been challenging with an active toddler, a growing Great Dane and a working wife... all while juggling space in our apartment. Creating during the pandemic is very important at a time like this because we're seeing a shift in the economy, especially here in NYC. Art is a constant that can be healing. Farmby been using this time to create new bodies of work and practice new techniques to push himself creatively.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here, and on his Instagram here. Email zeph@zephfarmby.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $150.

Ferguson Dunes Fire Island
Dunes Fire Island | Jen Ferguson

Jen Ferguson

Jen Ferguson is a painter working in oils and watercolors. Much of her work is centered around city architecture and the urban environment, although she also has an affinity for depicting creatures both natural and imaginary. Her oil paintings are lush and expressionistic while her watercolors are delicate and subtle; all of her works are lit by an inner and mysterious glowing chiaroscuro.

Ferguson been working every day making art during the Pandemic, and is very grateful for the support of friends and neighbors in Dumbo who have been so caring and helpful. Being creative and using your imagination is the way to make the best of unforeseen and difficult changes. She can't wait to welcome people back into her studio when she's able, and in the meantime, hopes everyone is safe and well.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here, and on her Instagram here. Email info@artinchaos.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $325.

Yellow Sideways Study (Cape Elizabeth) | Saskia Fleishman

Saskia Fleishman

Saskia Fleishman b. 1995 graduated Rhode Island School of Design in 2017 with a BFA in painting. Fleishman is based in Brooklyn, NYC. Recent residencies include: Wassaic Project, ChaNorth, Vermont Studio Center, Trestle Art Space, The Otis Emerging Curator Retreat, and PADA Studios. Curious about curating other artists work as well as exhibiting her own, Saskia continues to collaborate with peers in the greater New York area. In addition, Fleishman has exhibited her work in Miami, Providence, Rome, San Juan, Lisbon, and Milwaukee. These works are generated from landscape photographs taken on recent trips and images sourced from my families collection taken around the tidewater Chesapeake Bay area. These photographs are then recomposed as geometric abstractions or color studies derived from Josef Albers', ”The Interaction Of Color” by tilting the image, flipping the horizon line, or cutting out a part of the landscape. These gestures serve to demonstrate the malleability and impermanence of memory over time and in space. The paintings pair flat and smooth masked airbrushed gradients with textural materials such as sand, clay, burlap, and chiffon to create an interpretation of place and moment with material. This work forms a space to contemplate points in time, perception, and our relationship to memories embedded in our landscapes.

While in quarantine, she has been making one painting a day.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here, and on her Instagram here. Email saskia.fleishman@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $1,200.

Ground Cover | Marney Fuller

Marney Fuller

Movement, light and time are dominant characteristics of Fuller's work. Her paintings are emotive landscapes that herald the pollinators and givers of life and the fleeting loss of habitat in the natural world.

Fuller has had her studio in DUMBO for over 25 years. She finds solace in the life forms growing around her as spring progresses, gives her pause and hope.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here, and on her Instagram here. Contact Fuller through the form here for next steps.

The example work featured here is $800.

Curling Peels | David Brandon Geeting

David Brandon Geeting

David Brandon Geeting (American. b. 1989) is a New York-based photographer who focuses on bringing out compelling details in his subjects with the use of harsh light and bright colors. . His subjects vary from the everyday to the extraordinary. After studying at New York’s School of Visual Arts, Geeting claims that he began chronicling anything and everything around him. Building upon this same philosophy, Geeting’s work also spans the worlds of fashion and portraiture – while consistently maintaining the derisive sense of humor and playfulness that makes his work unique.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here, and on his Instagram here. Email info@janetbordeninc.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $650.

Gonzalez 2
Ernesto Gonzalez

Ernesto Gonzalez

Raised in Mexico City, Gonzalez's background is reflected in the energy of his photos. A former assistant to prominent fashion photographers, he started a career of his own. Gonzalez's imagery is colorful, bright and vibrant with positive energy. He succeeds in awakening a never-ending desire from the viewer, relying on a tension between natural beauty - a sense of intimacy - and fantasy.

His work has been featured 3 times in DUMBO's Light Year. Gonzalez's work has been exhibited both in Mexico and the United States.

How to buy:

Browse more work online here and on his Instagram here. Email info@eltacoproductions.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $1500.

Blue Ink Drawing 2 | Theresa Hackett

Theresa Hackett

Hackett's work is a philosophical inquiry; she uses the language of abstraction, blending it with the pictorial and pastoral, to create hybrid, textural landscapes. Painting as a language presents itself as a game for Hackett to dissect; it enables her to play within its delicate balance. She has always been interested in creating an environment for her paintings, either through transforming the gallery space into an installation, or introducing three-dimensional sculptural objects to engage in a relationship with a two-dimensional work. Hackett finds that this dialogue between installation and painting creates a certain dialectic that offers the opportunity to form a broader interpretation of the work.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here. Email hackteri@aol.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $750.

Untitled (wc1) | Elizabeth Hazan

Elizabeth Hazan

Elizabeth Hazan is a New York based abstract artist, curator, and founder of Platform Project Space. Hazan was born and raised in New York City and attended the Studio School where she was awarded a fellowship to Skowhegan. She has shown across the U.S., and her most recent solo show Heat Wave at Johannes Vogt was featured in publications such as Hyperallergic, Two Coats of Paint, and Art Critical, as well as The Review Panel at The Brooklyn Public Library. She is currently working on a catalogue of her recent paintings.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here, and on her Instagram here. Fill out the form here for next steps.

The example work featured here is $800.

Fetish | Julian Hsiung

Julian Hsiung

Based in New York, Julian Hsiung is a figurative artist. Throughout his work, Julian uses the concept of ancient Greek ideals of beauty and male youth which in turn creates work that is sensual.

Hsiung is still going to his studio to paint everyday. The pandemic has not stopped him from his creating and painting.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here, and on his Instagram here. Email julianhsiung@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $4,300.

Screen Shot 2020 05 23 At 4 54 24 Pm
Green Glass Triangle Earrings | Joan Huggard

Joan Huggard

Joan Huggard is a stained glass artisan based in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Inspired by her work in historic restoration, she discovered an affinity for the delicate and intricate work of stained glass master Louis Comfort Tiffany. She began to hone her skills as a stained glass artist and in 1998 she launched Citybitz with a collection of hand forged jewelry and accessories inspired by New York City.

Due to a temporary relocation as a result of Covid-19, Huggard currently only has earrings and cufflinks available for sale.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here, and on her Instagram here. Fill out the form here for next steps.

The earrings featured here are $38.

Screen Shot 2020 05 23 At 6 12 49 Pm
Untitled | Samuel Jablon

Samuel Jablon

Samuel Jablon is an artist and poet who explores the discursivity and visuality of art and poetry, as well as the interconnection and possibilities of these two forms. He has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art (NY), The Queens Museum, MOCAD Detroit, Hauser & Wirth, Storefront for Art and Architecture, The Kitchen, Artists Space, with solo exhibitions at Freight + Volume (NY), Arts + Leisure (NY), and Diane Rosenstein (LA). His work has been reviewed in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Art in America, ARTnews, The Brooklyn Rail, BOMB, Interview Magazine, and others.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here, and on his Instagram here. Email studio@samueljablon.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $1,200.

Soccer Quilt | Case Jernigan

Case Jernigan

Case Jernigan is an artist working in drawing, collage, and animation, all of which merge together in his own unique form of storytelling. Jernigan’s ink line drawings show groups of robots, machines, super heroes, animals, office workers, prehistoric and mythological creatures, and more, collaged together in unlikely narrative scenarios. The artist’s lightboxes bring collaged color to his illustrations, with apocalyptic scenes that suggestively mix timelines between alien landings, tall ships approaching beaches, tanks surrounding horse-drawn carriages, or comets hurtling towards dinosaurs and highways; all of his compositions work to undermine the singularity of common narratives around climate change and civilization’s impending doom. 

Jernigan misses the DUMBO community a great deal. He is currently working in a small room in his apartment alongside his partner. Jernigan is primarily making works that require less 'active' thinking. He is filming abstract brush strokes, writing disjointed music and playing around. He has found it is too difficult to focus on a longer term project of any kind.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here, and on his Instagram here. Email wcjern@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $2,500.

Embedded Bleed | Laura Karetzky

Laura Karetzky

Responding to the effect social media has had, and continues to have on the way we experience discourse, Laura Karetzky’s paintings and sculptures are concerned with the narrative between multiple points of engagement and the way information travels. Her work toggles a convergence of spaces and stories embedded in other stories as an attempt to navigate the intersection where a broader sense of identity emerges.

Dumbo artists are an intrepid, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial and diverse community, with whom Karetzky has formed deep friendships. Their ongoing conversations allow them to remain very involved in the art world without the normalcy we depended on. They still continue to critique each others work, even virtually. She is lucky to be close enough to get to her studio intermittently. When she cannot, nearly any surface or object becomes fodder. Karetzky has caught herself finger sketching on the shower door and making stick-on nails out of fruit labels.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here, and on her Instagram here. Email LKaretzky@me.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $3,200.

Kevin Kelly
I.E. #1 | Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly

Based in Brooklyn, Kevin Kelly is an artist who aims to create work that has strength and depth while also being arresting and challenging to people who may not be immersed in the art world.

In the midst of this pandemic, Kelly feels extremely grateful to be able to live and work in Dumbo.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here, and on his Instagram here. Email kvonkelly@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $6,500.

Say No Say Yes | Zebadiah Keneally

Zebadiah Keneally

Zebadiah Keneally (b. 1984), also known as Hamburger Vampire, is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City. Keneally’s illustrative sequences are reminiscent of comic strips; succinct multi-paneled narratives that mimic, mirror, and reimagine daily life. Animated figures and aspirational words spelled out in hefty block lettered present in Keneally’s constructed hypothetical scenarios convey moments of introspection, “imposter syndrome”, and at times existential dread. If R. Crumb, Philip Guston, and The Far Side comic strip by Gary Larson had a baby; that baby would be Keneally.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here, and on his Instagram here. Email zkeneally@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $300.

Jane's Carousel | Stefan Killen

Stefan Killen

Stefan Killen has been taking pinhole photographs of the New York metropolitan area since moving here in 1991. His work has been exhibited at the Alan Klotz Gallery and the Soho Photo Gallery, in shows juried by Larry Gagosian, Brian Paul Clamp, and Eric Renner among others, and is in private collections around the world.

Stefan has loved working in Dumbo over the past 12 years. In addition to being a tight-knit and supportive arts community it's also a dramatic location that's ideal for his pinhole photography.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here, and on his Instagram here. Email info@stefankillendesign.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $900.

The Story of a Stranger | Bonam Kim

Bonam Kim

Kim writes, "I have recreated in miniature the full-scale projects I made since moving here from Seoul. I have moved many times and keeping my work as a miniature allows me to hold on to it. This work represents my time and history here."

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here, and on her Instagram here. Email nanbonam@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $2,000.

Choichun Leung
Trapped in Feelings | Choichun Leung

Choichun Leung

Based in New York, Choichun Leung’s work focuses on the visual representation of the shaping of memory. In her work, Choichun uses her past as inspiration by delving into the psychological dream world and the black and white reality of her as a young girl. 

Leung has lived and worked in Dumbo for the past 23 years. Over that time, the local art community has been through many changes and challenges, however nothing as pervasive as the current Coronavirus pandemic. She feels fortunate because she is safe, healthy and able to work. Leung is currently working on large ink drawings and is sure the effects of this pandemic will show up in these new pieces.

How to buy

Browse more work on her website here, and on her Instagram here. Email choi@choichun.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $500.

Noah Lyon

Noah Lyon

Noah Lyon is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. A graduate of Cooper Union, he has exhibited at galleries and museums internationally. His work is in the special collections of MoMA, The Tate Britain, The Menil Collection, The Brooklyn Museum, and The Whitney Museum of American Art.

How to buy

Browse more work on his website here, and on his Instagram here. Fill out the form here for next steps.

Artwork pricing available upon request.

Manganiello Row 3 Hr
Row #3 | Victoria Mangeniello

Victoria Manganiello

Manganiello created this series during the COVID-19 quarantine. Of her textile practice during social distancing, she writes, "The materials and tools I have on hand have gained new meaning and new purpose. I work with textiles and weaving because I enjoy the freedom I find within its inherent framework."

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here, and on her Instagram here. Email vkmanganiello@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $650.

Dimensions | Jamie Martinez

Jamie Martinez

Based in New York, Colombian-American artist Jamie Martinez uses the concept of triangulation throughout his work. As part of his process, Jamie constructs, deconstructs, and fragments images, data and information geometrically into triangular forms and segments.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here, and on his Instagram here. Email jamie@jamiemartinez.net for next steps.

Artwork pricing available upon request.

The Rise and Fall No. 10 | Lauren Matsumoto

Lauren Matsumoto

Lauren Matsumoto is a painter exploring how we relate to nature. She is known for her use of a hybrid form of painting and collage as an innovative way of composing traditional paintings. Internationally, her work was presented in a solo show at Fabrik Gallery in Hong Kong, and in group shows at ArtLink Canada in Vancouver, the Art Complex Gallery in Tokyo and the United States Embassy in Oman. She has also exhibited her artwork across the United States in over 60 exhibitions. Her work has appeared in notable publications and blogs such as Domino, Aesthetica, The Jealous Curator, HOME Journal, Studio Visit, Booooooom and The Cut. Matsumoto has an international collector base, with works held in collections across Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and North America. She received an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York and BA in Painting from Yale University. Her honors include a 2019 Artist Residency at MASS MoCA and participation in the 2011 US Art in Embassies Program. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here, and on her Instagram here. Purchase directly on her website or email info@laurenmatsumoto.net for next steps.

The example work featured here is $880.

Control Group 4 | Tom McGlynn

Tom McGlynn

Tom McGlynn is an artist, writer, and independent curator based in the NYC area. His work is represented in the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, and The Cooper- Hewitt National Design Museum of the Smithsonian. He is an Editor at Large at The Brooklyn Rail, contributing articles and criticism since 2012. His most recent show, of paintings, opened in Feb 2020 and will be extended through June at Rick Wester Fine Art in NYC.  He currently maintains a studio at the Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program in Brooklyn where he was awarded a 2019-2020 residency.

McGlynn is working on smaller studies (on paper) for large paintings. The DUMBO community is a very vital one to him. The pandemic has served to focus his awareness of community.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here, and on his Instagram here. Purchase directly on his website or email tomxmcglynn@yahoo.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $8,000.

Heavy Momentum 101 | Craig Anthony Miller

CAM (Craig Anthony Miller)

Craig Anthony Miller “CAM”, A Brooklyn native artist working out of DUMBO Brooklyn, uses an exploratory process of mapping shapes and line work to mimic a stain glass style into images that repeatedly convey messages of strength over despair. The early visual narratives was expressed through images of Elephants, (ganesh), and Birds, the latter directly connecting with his mantra, “Always be mindful of your ability to fly”.

Miller is grateful for Dumbo Open Studios' commitment to supporting art and emphasizing artists like himself during these challenging times. Miller continues to work from his studio, however his interaction with others and especially how they interact with his work has been impacted. But Miller has adjusted - especially with the support of the Dumbo community - and continues to explore ways to generate income. Creating has definitely taken on new meaning. COVID-19 has brought with it a time of introspection and revealed a lot to Miller as an artist and human being; especially in terms of self-discovery and creative expression.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his Instagram here. Email cam@craiganthonymiller.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $1,250.

Klompchng Gallery Jim Naughten The Toucans
The Toucans | Jim Naughten

Jim Naughten

Jim Naughten's work is part of the Klompching Gallery, which launched in the neighborhood back in 2007, and considerthemselves a committed and vital part of the arts and cultural community in Dumbo. Many of their clients have been coming to their gallery since their very first exhibition‚ a good number of whom are local to Dumbo and the surrounding area. They love the neighborhood, and feel disconnected not being there at this time. They look forward to re-opening, first by appointment and then resuming our usual hours. When they do, they hope folks will come by and say hello.

How to buy:

Browse more work on Naughten's website here and on his Instagram here. Email jimnaughten@me.com or debra@klompching.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $4,000.

Nazarov No Name
Of Silence and Slow Time | Vladimir Nazarov

Vladimir Nazarov

Vladimir Nazarov is a contemporary visual artist living in New York City. Nazarov was one of the very first artists to settle down in the area along the East River known as Dumbo. He is a firm believer in the power of art to enrich neighborhoods. The beauty and power of present Dumbo is the way in which it demonstrates the power of artists to shape and uplift the community.

It has been like stepping into a time machine, into a DUMBO he has not seen this quiet in decades. Nazarov has found himself returning to miniature scaled works during these months of lockdown. It felt as if the world was shrinking during this pandemic. But DUMBO is an area that cannot shrink. As one of the greatest art communities, it is alive with ever-growing energy. The works he created show that feeling of a small yet highly energized space, ever-expanding, as if to burst off the canvas, to live on beyond its physical boundaries.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here and on his Instagram here. Email vladimirnazarovart@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $7,000.

Obrien No Name
5 Elements | Kylin O'Brien

Kylin O'Brien

As a multidisciplinary artist, Kylin O’Brien’s work uses concepts such as ancient symbolism, ritualistic repetition, and transformative energy. With her objects and projects working interactively with nature, media and humanity, Kylin aims to tease out wonder, love, perspective, and power. 

O'Brien's multidisciplinary work employs ancient symbolism, ritualistic repetition, transformative energy, natural and supernatural systems and the physics of space, material and process. Whether painting, building, creating installation or presenting projects, her work can be considered medicinal depending on potency, dosage and context. At this time, she finds her work as meaningful as ever. O'Brien wants to uplift everyone. This keeps her going in quarantine, with purpose. She is grateful to have her studio here in DUMBO. And to be so supported by this community. She loves her home and her work. It is truly her pleasure to share it.

How to buy

Browse more work on her website here and on her Instagram her. Email kylinobrien@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $4,500.

Anne Patterson We Are All Stardust 2019
We Are All Stardust | Anne Patterson

Anne Patterson

Anne Patterson is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Brooklyn. Her body of work consists of paintings, sculptures and large-scale multimedia installations that combine sculpture, architecture, lighting, video, music and scent. Drawing from her background in theater set design she uses these modalities to create an artistic practice, hovering somewhere between the visual, experiential and immersive.

How to buy:

Browse more work online here and on her Instagram here. Email rose@annepatterson.com for next steps.

Prices vary depending on the piece.

Screen Shot 2020 05 25 At 4 36 06 Pm
Cleave | Anna Pietrzak

Anna Pietrzak

Anna Pietrzak is based in New York City. With a background in architecture, her work depicts forms exploring weight and tension. Her paintings fall somewhere between the figurative and abstract, and use gold leaf and raw pigments as primary mediums. Anna has exhibited her work internationally and has been featured in several publications.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here and on her Instagram here. Email pietrza@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $4,000.

Screen Shot 2020 05 25 At 4 43 38 Pm
RB Crosshair Target | Elliot Purse

Elliot Purse

Purse’s current series of work threads an aesthetic line between abstraction and figuration and addresses themes of masculinity, nationalism, entertainment and power present within contemporary American culture. Using charcoal, pastel, and gouache, Purse renders contemporary pro-wrestlers or bodybuilders in a fragmented style reminiscent of Greco-Roman statuary. Although ominous at times, satire plays a large role in the conception of his work.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here and on his Instagram here. Email epurse2@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $150.

Screen Shot 2020 05 25 At 4 48 29 Pm
Alignment | Joshua Reynolds

Joshua Reynolds

Luckily Reynolds has a camera on him at all times, so he is still able to compile and create photos and video, that he will continue to utilize. Reynolds has been connected to DUMBO since 2007. It is the birth place of his photography/videography & he is fortunate to have so many people here, that he considers friends & family. They are creators by nature and he is fortunate to evolve & adapt to these trying times. While documenting and creating during these monumental moments, Reynolds is able to preserve imagery, share his experiences and exercise the therapeutic aspects of these artistic expressions.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here and on his Instagram here. Email v.techvisual@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $950.

This Is What It Is To Be Happy | Natalie Rye

Natalie Rye

Natalie Rye is an artist operating in New York City.  She began her training at an early age.  Natalie combines her artistic expression with the natural world around her to create a vibrant canvas that transfers the viewer to an ethereal plane.  Each painting is an emotional treatise of self-discovery, using the power of mother earth's wisdom to promote reflection, hope, healing, and cathartic release for the viewer.  Natalie's art is designed to bring light, love, and protection to the home.  She enjoys creating works that allow viewers to own a piece of the gift of nature right in the most urban of home environments.

Rye always looks forward to visitors during Dumbo Open Studios, she is thankful that the program is continuing in this digital form. DUMBO is a strong community of artists and creatives, even in the silence of the lockdown there is a beautiful energy that buzzes around the streets and walls. Her recent pieces are created at home, in quarantine. A lot of Rye's inspiration comes from her experiences within nature, so she has been drawing upon her reflections on those experiences, painting flowers within city walls. If she cannot go to nature, she will bring nature to me.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here and on her Instagram here. Email natalieryeart@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $1,850.

11 Foxes In The Lungs
Foxes in the Lungs | Tanya Rynd

Tanya Rynd

Rynd’s paintings wield a poetic tour de force, exposing a mythic examination of the self and a larger translation of humanity. Many of the works are self portraits. Here the self, the model, crawls right up and over the proscenium; she slips right into the paint then turns back and looks at the painter and the viewer.

Rynd speaks directly to the human psyche, referring to her paintings as “the unspoken stories, love letters to the world and to myself.” Tanya Rynd is an accomplished oil painter and also a fine art printer focusing primarily on monoprints. She has worked with master printer Marina Ancona of Ten Grand Press for over twenty years.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here. Contact Rynd through the form here for next steps.

The example work featured here is $3,600.

Daily #44 | Vivian Scott

Vivian Scott

Vivian Scott has been an abstract painter for over fifty years.  A graduate of Indiana University with MFA in 1964,  she has lived and worked in NYC since then.

In the studio you will see large, colorful acrylic paintings and many smaller works from Scott's "Daily Painting" series on Facebook.  Her painting "language", which depends primarily on color interaction and drawing, creates a perceptual experience which unfolds in time as the viewer's eye passes in, out and around the painting space, sensing connections and relationships between parts.

During the pandemic Scott has been working in her Vinegar Hill studio making "daily" paintings which she posts on Facebook.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here. Email viviscott1@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $150.

Screen Shot 2020 05 26 At 11 27 00 Am
Capital V | Iván Sikic

Iván Sikic

Iván Sikic (Lima, 1983) employs durational performance, installation, photography and community engaged work to deal with issues of greed, violence, inequality, and the consequences of colonization.

His work has been shown at The 8th Floor (New York), the Museum of Contemporary Art, Lima (Peru), Smack Mellon (Brooklyn), Km 0.2 (San Juan, Lima and Mexico City), Luis Adelantado (Bogotá, Madrid, and Valencia), UV Estudios (Buenos Aires) amongst others, He has attended residencies in the USA, Europe, Latin America and Australia. Sikic is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

How to buy:

Browse more work on his website here and on his Instagram here. Email ivansikic@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $500.

Stavovythomas Untitled 2
Untitled 2 | Thomas Stavovy

Thomas Stavovy

Thomas Stavovy studied sculpture at the New York Studio School, receiving the Einbender Travel Grant in 2017, the Certificate of Completion in Sculpture in 2018, and the NYSS Dumbo Sculpture Residency in 2018.  He has assisted in the development and implementation of NYSS Dumbo exhibitions and residencies from 2019 to the present.

Stavovy is currently working at home. He is connected to Dumbo through the New York Studio School sculpture residency program at 20 Jay St.

How to buy:

Browse more work online here. Email tstavovy@msn.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $3,000.

Mimicry Confusion | Tomoko Sugimoto

Tomoko Sugimoto

Tomoko Sugimoto creates large- and small-scaled paintings with acrylic paint, thread and sewing machine to render whimsical figures suspended in abstract yet materially tactile space. Children playing, bemused landscapes and everyday objects are recurring subjects in Sugimoto's living oeuvre. She defines her style with sharp contour and line juxtaposed with delicate pools of soft tints.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here and on her Instagram here. Email info@tomokosugimoto.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $1,500.

Everything is Awesome | Natasha Sweeten

Natasha Sweeten

These paintings are adventures in a kind of storytelling: for Sweeten forms have certain attributes and with them she creates idiosyncratic narratives. She can reveal these narratives only by slogging through a forest of possibilities, some pursued but most left behind. These works are oil on wood panel, arms' width or smaller.

Sweeten feels incredibly lucky that during this pandemic she has a studio to go to. Many times the gravity of the predicament shadows her, but often she is able to escape. It is then that Sweeten feels more connected to both her own idiosyncratic musings as well as the wider scope of human wonder.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here and on her Instagram here. Email natashasweeten@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $950.

Corner, Clinton | Kate Teale

Kate Teale

Kate Teale’s work is based in observation of familiar things, (windows, beds, furniture..) emptied to a point of near abstraction. In the studio there will be wall drawings, paintings, large-scale prints and other drawings.

The paintings are made in layers of pure primary colors, with the brightness of the canvas’s surface shining through as light. The nature of home is a recurring subject, particularly in relation to its’ opposite, being “un-homed” by natural or man-made disaster.

Teale is beyond grateful to be able to walk to and work in her studio. She is working on wall drawings, paintings and planning drawings for new work. Teale works on a large table in the full light from the North East-facing windows. As the DUMBO community has shrunk, those that are here are even more important. There group of artists on her floor that can get here check in with each other regularly. Big thanks to Kate Gavriel and the Cultural Space Subsidy Program for their humanity, support and creativity at this crazy time.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here and on her Instagram here. Email kteale@nyc.rr.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $2,000.

Jaimie Walker

Jaimie Walker

After graduating from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communications Design, Walker was swiftly one of the pioneering artists who made the derelict and rather dangerous neighborhood DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) her home.

Walker's new canvases employ Goache, charcoal, acrylic, chalk, conte crayon, and ink as her work investigates the world around her: 'I record data, collect information, gather evidence from the streets, and put them together with my own - and found - graphic art.' Photography, political statements and typography are all subject to interrogation. The taping, the glueing and the layering. Everything is re-cycled into a new vista, the view seen from an entirely new angle. One moment you are looking up from the trash ridden subway rails. The next you are gazing down from a great height in tandem with Walker’s hummingbirds as they trade grooming for migration on the backs of Canadian geese. The river, the lottery ticket, the playing card, the found footage of the side walk, the cityscape, the little bird. Giant and tiny thread together. That is one individual story of the ever-changing waterfront as Walker has experienced it and the dreamscape territory her art celebrates, humbly and proudly. 2018 will mark twenty years of Jaimie Walker showing and selling her art right here in Dumbo.

How to buy:

Browse more work online here and on her Instagram here. Contact Walker through the form here for next steps and to inquire about pricing.

POOLTIME Collection #2 (Bygone Monuments) | Cherly Wing-Zi Wong

Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong

Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong is a New York-based artist and trained architect working at the boundary of art, architecture and social practice. Cheryl investigates the transformation of shared space over time, and seeks to challenge social and political boundaries through sculpture, installation, performance and site-specific architectural interventions.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Cheryl received her B.A. in Art and Italian at the University of California at Berkeley, studied sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (Milan, Italy) and earned her Master of Architecture from Columbia University GSAPP. Cheryl’s work has been commissioned by the City of Inglewood, the New York City Parks Department and by the Percent for Art program in Washington DC. Her work has been exhibited at Triangle Arts Association, the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Istanbul Design Biennial, Usagi Gallery, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Taliesin West, the Venice Biennale of Art, BMW-Guggenheim Lab, Berkeley Art Museum, Museo della Permanente in Milan, amongst others. She has been a visiting critic at Columbia University GSAPP, and taught architecture at Parsons School of Design, University of Sao Josè in Macau, and at the International Program in Design & Architecture (INDA) at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here and on her Instagram here. Email cheryl@cw-zw.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $250.

Archipelago 22 | Etty Yaniv

Etty Yaniv

Yaniv's work includes immersive dimensional installations which draw on patterns from nature and images of daily life to form hybrid landscapes utilizing photography, drawing and painting. The multiple layers of repurposed materials, both found and recycled from her previous work, reflect a preoccupation with ephemerality alluding to survival in the context of social and ecological transience.

Yaniv is working from home, missing her DUMBO studio and live interaction with her community there. She is making paintings and developing ideas for new installations. Many projects have been on halt but she keep workings on pieces which eventually will probably respond to the current situation. Yaniv is trying to adapt to these new mental and physical circumstances through her art and through Art Spiel, the online art publication she is running. The "Artists on Coping" interview series has evolved into a collaborative daily publication, an outlet for artists to express their modes of coping.

How to buy:

Browse more work on her website here and on her Instagram here. Email etty.yaniv@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $400.

Steering Axis | Laura Zaveckaite

Laura Zaveckaite

Hello DUMBO! During stay-home policy Zaveckaite is mainly working on ideas and gathering digital material. She is a co-director of the Undercurrent art platform which is located in DUMBO, 70 John Street. So she is a frequent visitor there. For creativity during a pandemic, we artists, often complain about the lack of time for the creative practices... this is the time and they should use it to express all the traumas of the day reflect on the world and better ourselves.

How to buy:

Browse more work online here and on her Instagram here. Email 2zavecka@gmail.com for next steps.

The example work featured here is $260.

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