On view at Superfine until Sunday, April 7

Salvatore Demaio: A Celebration of Life, Art and Culture: The Cuba Freedom Collection

Visiting Cuba for the first time gave me a sense of freedom that I never experienced before. Being free from the modern-day pressure of society felt liberating as Cubans lived the “simple life”. There were no Wi-Fi to check your Instagram or Snapchat, no long distance calling to call home, and the Cuban media is tightly controlled by the Cuban government; things that most Americans take for granted.

Cuba has an international reputation of having a tough dictatorship and that comes with a plethora of negative descriptions, but my friends and I experienced the complete opposite. We saw a nation that spent quality time with one another with engaging conversations instead of texting and saw groups of people who were not obsessed with scrolling down a timeline.

The restrictions Cubans experience would make most believe they have no
freedom living in a communist country but in fact, that is the very reason why
they experience freedom in a way we as Americans don’t. The ‘Cuba Freedom
Collection’ is a reflection of feeling positivity and the power of liberation the
beautiful island has to offer.