Reading: Unpublishable featuring Mary Boo Anderson, Hratch Arbach, James Cañón, Mina Hamedi & Naomi Falk, Jason Koo, Kate Olsson

UNPUBLISHABLE is writing that excites you, that scares you, things that you delete from your browser history. The piece you can’t submit but can’t stop thinking about either, burning a hole in the bottom of your desk drawer. Writing from any genre that is uncharacteristic, outré, or offending of sensibilities, that is impossible to place or be published in some fashion.

Event will include a chapbook of pieces read as a program.

Contributors are creative writers, academics, artists & scientists living in the New York City area.

Mary Boo Anderson
Hratch Arbach
James Cañón
Mina Hamedi & Naomi Falk
Jason Koo
Kate Olsson


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