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Personal Mythologies

Creative Director Sam Barzilay, of DUMBO-based United Photo Industries, curated a 350 ft. photographic fence called Personal Mythologies. The fence showcased work by seven artists who employ, interpret, and manipulate mythological motifs as their vehicle for self-expression. Installed on a fence beneath the Manhattan Bridge, this photo installation took visitors on a voyage through childhood dreams and fears, unbridled imagination, and the artists’ ability to see the world not as it is, but as it could—and perhaps should—be. The installation was printed by DUGGAL Visual Solutions, with additional support by Two Trees Management. It was on view through September 2015.

Featuring work by: Ivan Forde (New York, NY), Judy Haberl (Boston, MA), Klaus Enrique (New York, NY), Mara Trachtenberg (Kingston, RI), Mariya Kozhanova (Kaliningrad, RU), Tereza Vlcková (Czech Republic), and Viktor Koen (New York, NY).

This was UPI's third project with the Urban Art program. In 2012, UPI unveiled "(super)Heroes," a fence project that approached the concept of superheroes as an allegorical exploration of social issues. The following year, visitors were treated to an outdoor exhibition entitled "New York (Outer Borough) Stories," a series of images captured by New York-based artists residing in the four "outer" boroughs.

Presented in collaboration with the NYC Department of Transportation's Urban Art Program.