Dumbo Walls: Massive Stampede by CAM

Long-time Dumbo artist and Brooklyn native Craig Anthony Miller (CAM)’s mural Massive Stampede reflects his life mantra to always be aware that humans have the ability to navigate through any stress that may appear in life, and everyone has the power to make dramatic changes and evolve to free themselves into a pathway of reaching self-mastery. The mural depicts four birds communicating with each other and the public, leading up the hill towards the extended Dumbo community of Dumbo Heights. At the top of the hill you will find an animated matriarch and three adolescence greeting the community. Massive Stampede received help from Kenneth Ardito and Joshua Reynolds, two local Dumbo artists.

CAM’s work is an exploratory process of mapping shapes into images that repeatedly convey messages of strength over despair. Initially influenced by stained glass artist and the urban street art and graffiti culture dominating New York’s boroughs, his work employs his graphic training to explore the subconscious and literal sources of inspiration transplanted into layered urban landscapes.

Massive Stampede was painted in November 2018. 

Presented in partnership with the NYC Department of Transportation’s Art Program.