Light Year 90: Ultra-Shorts and NFTs

LIGHT YEAR 90: Ultra Shorts and NFTs

Our monthly, international video art exhibit

One night only!

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Supported by Leo Kuelbs Collection

Participating Artists: Sean Redbeard, Chihiro Ito, Anastasia Macmanous, Lisa Mackie, Ernesto Gonzalez, Fornax Void, Haydiroket, JNK, marcelopinel.tez, Blanche the Vidiot, Anthony Johns, Sara C. Sun, Thomas Rotenberg, Jordan Eagles, Karl Heinz Jeron, and Spøgelsesmaskinen

As the world continues to go digital, we see changes in all aspects of life: attention spans shorten, viewing habits, global markets, banking, even the art market--are all reacting to these seismic shifts. LIGHT YEAR 90: Ultra-Shorts and NFTs explores these uncharted areas between video art, new types of digital works, short films, and commerce.

What is an ULTRA SHORT? We define an Ultra Short as any type of video content up to 90 seconds in length.

What about the NFT part of this show? NFTs are objects that have been tokenized. In this instance LIGHT YEAR presents visual objects as described above, that have also been tokenized and offered for sale. Artist and Collector, Adrian Pocobelli, presents a selection of works from his ongoing collection of NFTs, which are included in the program.




7:00-10PM IN DUMBO. Projected LIVE onto the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Best place to watch is from the Pearl Street Triangle.

7:00-10PM ONLINE, LIVE STREAM FROM DUMBO. Catch the feed from the Manhattan Bridge and live right here on Facebook!

IN BERLIN, Germany! At SCOPE BLN Lübecker Straße 43, 10559 Berlin 8.30-10.15 PM CET

IN TORONTO, Canada! At "The Drey," Woodbine Ave, M4C 4E1, Toronto: 1229A, Toronto. 6-10 PM EST


LIGHT YEAR is an ongoing project presented by DUMBO Improvement District, NYC DOT, along with Leo Kuelbs Collection, Glowing Bulbs and John Ensor Parker (fka 3_Search). Originally created for the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage in DUMBO, Brooklyn, in celebration of the United Nations’ declaration of 2015 as the Year of Light and Light Art, LIGHT YEAR has become an international project supporting and presenting hundreds and hundreds of artists and curators from all over the world. For more information and submissions: