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Habby Osk: Connectivity

A solo exhibition by New York-based Icelandic artist Habby Osk. Grounded in sculpture, her work is an ideal segue from the imbalances of last year finding us a new foothold with the start of a new one.

Osk’s post-minimalist work subtly evokes the current precarious political and unstable social situation both in this country and across the world. Introspectively, it calls attention to the ecological dangers of our planet’s existence. Growing up in Iceland, Osk experienced nature’s magnificent and severe beauty, in the presence of the powerful manifestations of natural phenomena such as sporadic weather, earthquakes, and other underground geological activity. Iceland’s relative proximity to the North Pole more acutely displays Earth’s cyclic relationship with the Sun, as the amount of sunlight throughout the seasons varies more than in most other parts of the world. For the last two decades, Osk echoed her connection to location and its gravitas beyond GPS coordinates. The forces of nature and civilization collide; they impact our lives.