Exhibit opens on Thursday, May 23

Group Exhibit: Active Directions of the Mind

The 2019 A.I.R. National Members exhibition, "Active directions of the mind," curated by Alexis Wilkinson, highlights the ways in which attention can operate as an activated mode of questioning and care, as expressed by the artworks included.Th

To give attention to something is generous; it denotes consideration and observant care, and the artwork made by twenty of A.I.R. Gallery’s National Members demonstrates their orientation toward a thoughtful mode of attending to. They create artworks with a wide range of stylistic and material approaches, reflecting a plurality of experiences and perspectives that A.I.R. has historically embraced since its inception — a testament to the fact that we each see, hear, feel, experience, and perceive differently.

Artist List:

Hend Al-Mansour, Diane Cionni, d’Anne de Simone, Kathryn Hart, Jody Joldersma, Katherine Mann, Jennifer McCandless, Mimi Oritsky, Ruth Owens, Allison Paschke, Simone Paterson, Laura Petrovich Cheney, Alice Pixley Young, Martha Sedgwick, Ann Stoddard, Marlana Stoddard Hayes, Vicky Tomayko, Ellyn Weiss, Holly Wong, and Mineko Yoshida