Dumbo Walls: Heritage I and II by Apolo Torres

Brazilian muralist Apolo Torres was comissioned by the Dumbo BID in partnership with Brasil Summerfest and Urban Walls Brazil to paint a mural in Dumbo in conjunction with Brasil Summerfest's 2019 appearance at Live at the Archway.

For Heritage I (Cycling), Apolo says: "For this mural, I wanted to express things we have in common in both cultures, and to celebrate them. I was born and have lived all my life in São Paulo. It is the biggest city in Brazil, with an extremely diverse population of more than 12 million inhabitants, and also is the country’s biggest economy. This alone makes São Paulo have a lot in common with NYC, and this inspired the bicycle piece I designed. With such a big urban area, mobility is an issue. Traffic is chaotic, and it’s really liberating to move around using a bicycle. It’s my way of representing a look into the future–our heritage–and my hope that we will be able to have more friendly cities, both to the environment and to our people."

For Heritage II (Music), Apolo says: "For the second piece, I thought to look to the past, dig deep into our history and find common ground. Both Brazil and the USA were built of European colonization and African slave workforce. This history has left open wounds to this day in both countries, but has also gifted us with astonishing artistic expression, and for me music is the pinnacle of that. By mixing African rhythms with European instruments and harmonies, Americans created jazz and Brazilians created samba. My intention with the musical mural is to celebrate the strength of our musical heritage."

Heritage I and II was painted in July 2019. 

Presented in partnership with the NYC Department of Transportation’s Art Program, Brasil Summerfest and Urban Walls Brazil.