Dumbo Reflector

The interactive DUMBO Reflector, commissioned by the DUMBO Improvement District in honor of its tenth anniversary in 2006, is celebration of the artistic culture and tech-forward legacy of DUMBO. The creation of the sign, by DUMBO-based multimedia artist David Crumley, utilizing the iconic neighborhood logo spelling out “DUMBO” by smartassdesign, is part of DUMBO’s Test Kitchen program. The original version of the Dumbo Reflector, unveiled in 2016, was a technologically advanced welcome sign, responding to specific questions via Twitter in Magic 8 Ball fashion. In addition, it indicated traffic on the 9s (M=Manhattan Bridge / B=Brooklyn Bridge), weather on the 1s and was a binary clock!

In 2021, The Dumbo Reflector was given an updated look by Dumbo-based artist John Ensor Parker & DCM Fabrication.

”We wanted to take the idea of a traditional welcome sign and give it the royal DUMBO treatment. The DUMBO Reflector is a physical reminder of the vibrancy of this community and our commitment to creativity, innovation and yes, it’s a pretty awesome photo op,” said Alexandria Sica, Executive Director of the DUMBO Business Improvement District. “We are thrilled to bring this \ installation that truly epitomizes the DUMBO spirit to the community.”