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Davina Semo: Reverberation

Davina Semo (b. 1981, Washington, DC) has created five cast bronze bells to be rung by visitors in the park, recalling the maritime communication once common at this waterfront site. While their percussive function is familiar, the artist has reimagined the traditional bell form as an elongated streamlined sculpture that dangles aloft from a heavy industrial galvanized steel frame. The holes she has drilled through each bell create constellations of light in their darkened interiors and staccato patterns on their exterior shells. These arrangements give them unique identities that are characterized through their evocative titles: ReflectorSingerDreamerListener, and Mother. Their distinctive voices are also expressed in the subtle nuances in their tones when rung.

Semo’s bells are coated with a lustrous pearlescent paint that glows hot orange to evoke the international color of urgent alarm–meant to heighten our attention in precarious times. During this turbulent year, auditory interventions have characterized our collective experience, whether through the evening cheers for essential workers or the chanting voices of protesters demanding justice. The exhibition builds upon this moment, encouraging audiences to add their own contribution to our urban soundscape. Ultimately, Semo intends for these bells to sound an optimistic note. As we ring out the old and ring in the new, each bell reverberates in concert with its neighbors, creating a collective resonance together.