Comedy Night Hosted by Tyler Fischer

Ever laughed so hard that your White Russian came out of your nose? Coming up to the mic on the 5th floor stage will be a tag team of the hottest comics in New York City, hosted by the insanely funny Tyler Fischer. You know Tyler. You’ve see him on HQ Trivia, Colbert and Younger, or if your viewing habit is strictly YouTube he’s the guy from “Pretending to Be Humans of New York.” 

His line up for October 10th: 

The deadpan, but seriously funny, Sam Morril who you may recognize from his Comedy Central special “Positive Influence.” 

Tapped by icons to flavor Inside Amy Schumer, Last Week Tonight and The Artie Lange Show, Nore Davis will prove why he could be the next big comedy star. 

Dubbed the “Giggle Goddess” Leah Bonnema is our spirit animal. Sample joke: “There’s a lady in the locker room eating a sandwich. Looks like I found my new gym friend.”

Tickets are $5 with sales going to Dock Street School's art program!