Tamales—like cookies, fruit cake and eggnog—are a sure sign that the holidays are here. At Time Out Market New York, there’s no one better than Chef Ivy Stark to show you how to make festive (and delicious) Mexican holiday tamales. During a 2-hour demo on the fifth floor of the market, you’ll watch how Chef Stark lovingly folds these corn husked-wrapped treasures with savory and sweet fillings, and try your hand at tamale folding. You’ll be the first to enjoy these handmade tamales!

Here’s what’s included:

Chef Ivy Stark’s Menu Sidra de Navidad 3 types of tamales (one for meat lovers, one for vegans, and a dessert tamale) Warm spiced Mexican cider with hibiscus flower and tejocotes Ensalada de Nochebuena “Christmas Eve Salad” with pomegranate, golden raisins, beets and goat cheese Tamales de Carne Christmas Style beef short rib tamales with guajillo and salsa verde Tamales Veganos vegan pumpkin and black bean tamales with cranberry pico de gallo Champurrado Mexican hot chocolate, churros, mezcal whipped cream