Care Fair

Join DUMBO Wellness in collaboration with BK Yoga Club, Shiu Chiropractics this upcoming April 28th. The Care Fair will be hosted at Feel Well PT from 3-6pm and you can enjoy of physical therapy & chiropractic, massage & acupuncture, yoga & stretching, also some fresh, healthy and delicious eats. You will be able to engage in community through art and activities, have some photos on their photo booth shenanigans and enjoy a surprise gifts to take home! 

This event was created for you to have an opportunity to refresh and reset with the new spring season. All proceeds go to Suffering the Silence, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to leveraging the power of art, media, and storytelling to raise awareness around the life experience of people living with chronic illness. Some of the vendors are: Feel Well Physical Therapy, Shiu Chiropractor, Dumbo Wellness, BK Yoga Club, Sashana Fuller Acupuncture, Unwind Crayons, MadeMeals. 

Tickets available here!