Book Launch: Toxic Femininity in the Workplace

What would tech products look like if they were made by women? Uber would be Ubher, and passengers would get a one-star review for hitting on their poolmates. What would your annoying male coworkers be as flavors of LaCroix? Terry is passionfruit because he’s never available when you need him. Using her infectious, disarming wit, NYC comedian and writer Ginny Hogan breaks down the organized chaos that is office gender politics in TOXIC FEMININITY IN THE WORKPLACE.

Comical essays, quizzes, illustrations, and diagrams all come together to examine the challenges facing women in the workplace while celebrating the special relationship between female coworkers. From inappropriate sexual advances and the obvious pay gap to the lingering white noise of oppression we’re working to disrupt, Ginny tackles it all for a new generation of professional women.

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