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Anton Varga: Messages About the Landscapes of the End of the History

M.A.L.E.H ("Messages About the Landscapes of the End of History") were mainly created under the influence of the theory of Kozhev’s theory of the end of history and its interpretation by Boris Groys. Most body of works belong to the period of 2019-2020.

Oil painting, made on paper and exhibited horizontally on the surface, is an appeal to the short message, as the only handy means of transmitting a certain depicted state. An important formal element of the series is the search for the form of the minimality of the narrative, one that, losing the features of literary or semiotic description, would still send us to understand and feel that what remains not depicted.

The simplification of figures and body parts to almost abstract monuments draws us to the tradition of socialist realism, which at one time tried to depict the victorious "completion of history" and its cessation in the "only possible present."