Exhibit opens on Thursday, May 26

And the Category Is…

In this exhibition, Worrell brings to life his photographic contributions to the book 'And The Category Is…: Inside New York’s Vogue, House, and Ballroom Community' by Ricky Tucker, along with never before seen images.

Worrell’s photojournalistic look inside ballroom culture is a kinetic mix of energetic color and black and white photography, placing the viewer on the catwalk in the middle of a ball’s dynamic festivities. His photographs document striking moments of performance, frenetic crowd scenes, and engaging house-member portraits. The installation, presented in groupings, is meant to invoke a Catholic altarpiece casting house members as biblical heroes and highlighting house balls as spaces of secular worship and spiritual renewal. Worrell’s photographs, in context with Tucker’s, offer a profound introduction to a thriving queer subculture.