On view at 30 Washington Street until Friday, June 3



The 60 Collective has announced a very special third installment of “The 60 Collective” group exhibition in Dumbo starting on May 6 with an opening reception from 6pm-10pm. The reunion of curators Frankie Velez and Craig Anthony Miller (CAM) brings together a fantastic collective of 60 artists for a formatted show celebrating the visual elements of hip hop and urban culture. Each piece will be a finished size 24” x 24” creation. Artists include: CAM, Cey Adams, Morning Breath, Zeph, Marka 27, Jamie Walker and other street art legends. The show is being supported by Two Trees Management Company and the Dumbo Improvement District and will benefit the Dock Street School, a Title 1 middle school in Dumbo.


THE 60 COLLECTIVE 3 ARTISTS:  AJ Lavilla, Ajamu Kojo, Al Diaz, Albertus Joseph Alex Bershaw Alice Mizrachi Ambi67 5MH BC Bebonkwe/Jude Norris BG 183 Butterfly Mush CAM Cal her Al Carlos Mare 139 Cey Adams Choichun Leung ChrisRWK Crash Doze Green Ebon Heath Eric Adams Eric Orr GiGi Bio Ingrid Yuzly Mathurin Jack Flo Jamel Shabazz Janette Beckman Jason Naylor Joshua Reynolds Julian Alexander LeCrue Eyebrows Madi Dangerously Marka 27 Morning Breath Optimo Ralph Serrano Riisa Boogie Sacsix Savior Elmundo Shiro Sinclair The Vandal Sfgrajales Sky Ferrante Steve West Taha Clayton Tim Okamura Trap IF Trystan Bates Voodo Fe WK Interact Will Power Zeph Farmby

Proceeds from the art sales will support the Dock Street School in DUMBO. 

ABOUT THE 60 COLLECTIVE: The 60 Collective started in 2013 and is curated by Frankie Velez and CAM. The original installment brought together emerging, mid-career, and established veterans on one stage/ platform celebrating urban visual arts. The 3rd installment will also feature a collection of 60 hand-selected artists representing the past, present, and future of street art, murals, and contemporary and fine artists depicting expressive urban culture. A true culture collective with every artist receiving their flowers. This celebratory exhibition presents an incredible opportunity to show the art community's collective community consciousness and generosity. We are proud to announce that the 3rd installment of The 60 Collective will also be about giving back to our communities and our youth. 

ABOUT THE DOCK STREET SCHOOL: Dock Street School is a public middle school in the Dumbo community where the majority of its students are from low-income households. The Dock Street School provides a rigorous college preparatory education for grades 6-8 with a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, the arts and math (STEAM). Our goal is to foster curiosity, independence and problem solving in young people so that they are able to adapt to an ever-changing and complex world. Students engage through an authentic STEAM curriculum and work closely with cultural partners in order to develop a deep appreciation for creativity and innovation. The Dock Street School provides an enriched academic experience that develops critical thinking skills for our leaders of tomorrow. Located at the foot of Brooklyn Bridge Park, our state of the art facility features a college-level Science Lab and science demo room, “Gymatorium” for sports and performances, and a Music Suite including classroom, two sound-proof practice rooms and a purpose-built music storeroom.