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Modern luxury, inspired by centuries of ancient African craft. Yesaet's sustainable, made-to-order collection focuses on exquisite textiles, comfort, versatility and timelessness. Founder/owner/designer Mimi Girma lives in Dumbo!

Ready to Wear | Made to Order | Made to Measure

Ethical Artisanal luxury | Made in NY

Bridgestone Cleaners

109 Front Street

Aegir Boardworks

99 Water Street

The Archway

Archway Under Manhattan Bridge


126 Front Street

DUMBO Hardware

115 Front Street

Ad Astra

145 Front Street

House of Yoshé

65 Pearl Street

West Elm

2 Main Street

This is Latin America

70 John Street

Psychic Natasha of Dumbo

145 Front Street


145 Front Street