The Archway

The Archway under the Manhattan Bridge is a spectacular plaza, and one of New York City’s most unique public spaces. At 45' high, the cathedral-like Archway inspires awe. 

For decades, the Archway was used as a New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) facility for storing scrap metal. In 2007, after years of advocacy by the DUMBO Improvement District, the DOT returned The Archway to the public under the DOT Plaza Program. Now the epic space hosts performances, events, lunchtime vendors, and more.

The Archway is on Water Street between Adams Street and Anchorage Place in DUMBO. Here's how to get to DUMBO.

Here are some things coming up at The Archway

Jul 21

Mark Jupiter Pop Up Showroom

202 Plymouth Street

Berl’s Poetry Shop

126A Front Street


55 Anchorage Place

Brooklyn Central

33 Washington Street

Front General Store

143 Front Street

Pearl Street Triangle

155 Water Street

Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 1

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Pier 1

Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Pier 2