Tafari Travel

Tafari is a vintage travel agency for the avant-garde traveler. Each travel experience is inherently personal; no two are alike. This is why they created Tafari — a vehicle which drives individual inspirations through a collection of authentic and handpicked travel experiences which are customized to match the authenticity of your character.

Their friendships with local travel digest, their insights into the roads less traveled, and their travel compatibility approach ensure that your next journey will be a personal and transformative ride.

Harriet’s Lounge

60 Furman Street

Punch Pedal House

68 Washington Street

La Bagel Delight

104 Front Street

powerHouse Books

28 Adams Street

Foragers Market

56 Adams Street

Punch Pedal House

68 Washington Street

Casa Group

102 Front Street

Pearl Body Works

145 Front Street