Singularity & Co.

Saving old sci-fi, one book at a time. Once a month, Singularity & Co. will choose one great out of print work of classic and/or obscure sci-fi a month, track down the people that hold the copyright (if they are still around), and publish that work online and on all the major digital book platforms for little or no cost. Every month on their website visitors will get to vote on the next great but not so well remembered work we will rescue from the obscurity of the past.

Salon Dumbo

43 Washington Street

The Dumbo Station

Archway Under Manhattan Bridge

Ad Astra

145 Front Street


145 Front Street

Peas N’ Pickles

55 Washington Street


68 Jay Street

ecomaids of New York

18 Bridge Street

Scott Eder Gallery

18 Bridge Street