Rhythm Ryde

The Rhythm Ryde Group is an all-encompassing community of group fitness classes orchestrated to the beat of the music. Roughly every 6 weeks, they change the formula to the class, so your body can continue to work efficiently and see the results wanted. They offer several avenues for community, fitness, and mind-body synergy. Rhythm Ryde prides itself on creating the perfect balance between high-intensity and fun. You won't find another group fitness studio like this. You should plan on coming prepared to sweat, smile, dance, laugh, and most importantly exceed your own personal goals.

Ryde (Heavy on Cardio, Toning and Endurance, while on Light Strengthen)

Their indoor cycling class, which is rhythmicm is offered at 45, 60, and 90 minute options which focuses on strengthening your mind and body awareness through an all-encompassing workout. Each class is recreated with new, old, and remixed music. Your instructors create a space where you will work all parts of the body, while also learning to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Boxing (Heavy on Strengthening and Toning, while Light on Cardio and Endurance)

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Their Rhythmic based boxing is 45 minutes, focusing on upper and lower body technique, form, strength and conditioning. No bags, No Gloves, No Regrets, just you, the music, and the drive to change your body and mind.

Bootcamp (Balanced Cardio, Strengthening, Toning, and Endurance)

This high intensity, no-nonsense, non-stop conditioning & cardio class will push you mentally as well as physically. Using your bodyweight as the main source of resistance, you will perform variations of push-ups, squats and lunges all to the beat of the music. Be prepared to work.

Yoga (Balanced Toning and Strengthening)

Vinyasa is mindful movement. Relax your mind with rhythmic based yoga, which helps you center yourself. Each class will help connect your breath and movement, deepening the connection between your mind and body, and bring a greater mindfulness to you. They will unwrap each layer through a yoga sequence, carefully choreographed to music to the beat of your breath. They ask that you come with an open mind, a free spirit, and the intention to better yourself.


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