Play & Beyond

Play is the way babies and toddlers learn and understand their bodies and the world around them. The more we play with our little ones, the more they will learn and develop emotionally, physically and socially. It’s our responsibility to create opportunities for them to play and be creative, but it’s not always natural to us and easily we run out of ideas or feel they are too young to engage creatively. Play & Beyond offers the tools for parents and caregivers to find ways to create such opportunities; it’s not about a set of specific activities you can do with your little one— you can easily find those in books— it’s about developing a playful and creative way of seeing our time with them and tacking specific needs for each family.

Play & Beyond offers play-based classes at Creatively Wild Art Studio in DUMBO.


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DUMBO Kitchen

108 Jay Street


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NYC Massage & Healing

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