NYCannaMeds's mission is to educate patients and guide them to a more natural way of medicine. Most people who meet NYCannaMeds's qualifications take medicine such as oxycodone, suboxone, dilaudid, or other serious opioid medication. These medicines have dangerous side effects which can be deadly and harm communities. Not only physically but mentally and financially as well. NYCannaMeds is here to put an end to that and show patients a healthier and safer way to medicate.

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri (9am - 7pm); Sat (9am - 6pm)

St. Ann’s Warehouse

45 Water Street

Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 4 Beach

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Pier 4 Beach


55 Anchorage Place

Smoke N Clouds

63 Pearl Street

Archway Café

57 Pearl Street

House of Yoshé

65 Pearl Street

The New Moon Studio

68 Jay Street


145 Front Street

DUMBO Hardware

115 Front Street