Llamaste Yoga Center & Boutique

Llamaste is a New York-based company whose mission is to spread awareness of yoga and its health benefits through their uplifting practice sessions, tailored to your needs, as well as their fun and fashionable selection of yoga gear, including bags, apparel, and accessories. They are more than just a brand— Llamaste is a community focused on bettering the lives of adults and children around the world.

Here are some things coming up at Llamaste Yoga Center & Boutique


81 Washington Street

7 Stars Deli

59 Front Street

La Bagel Delight

104 Front Street

Vinegar Hill Studios

126 Front Street

Green Stone Spa

133 Water Street

US Post Office

84 Front Street

Cam’s Tenacity

145 Front Street


145 Front Street

Lash Me

145 Front Street