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HVRMINN Boutique Cafe is the brick and mortar outpost of the custom menswear brand HVRMINN (pronounced hur-min), offering custom tailoring (made-to-measure) service, as well as selective lifestyle merchandise and good coffee & tea.

HVRMINN launched his eponymous label in 2011, after studying mens fashion design in New York City for four years. His socio-cultural and militaristic inspired designs inclined him to start his business right after graduating.

The brand began as a one man team that operated out of a humble fourth floor walk-up apartment in Chelsea, taking private appointments for made-to-measure tailored clothes. It was during this time that HVRMINN met his private investors, who were once his earliest clients. With growing fame and clientele, HVRMINN transplanted the company into the epicenter of the garment district on West 38th Street in 2012.

In 2013, with a small team of five, HVRMINN showcased Fall Winter 2013, the brand's debut collection during New York Fashion Week, on Mulberry Street. From 2014 - 2015, the company was sponsored by Cadillac to show its Spring Summer 2016 and Fall Winter 2016 collections.

HVRMINN's design is inspired by the history of fashion and the intricacies of the socio-cultural world. With these aspects that drive his creativity, HVRMINN's philosophy is that great design ought to be consumed and utilized. Each collection is conceived with this philosophy in mind which ensures that each garment serves a clear purpose, and is timeless regardless of the season, trend, and times. The brands aesthetic is masculine and sexy, and takes a bold and refined stance on traditional sportswear and tailoring. 

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