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DUMBO's world famous boxing gym - Gleason’s Gym has come to be synonymous with boxing. The reputation of champion boxers produced by Gleason’s Gym earned the gym world-renowned appeal as the pinnacle of excellence in boxing. Gleason's time-honored approach to boxing training has paid off in the gym’s consistent ability to attract a flourishing membership of not just championship hopefuls, but the fitness-conscious crowd who understand the benefit of a boxing workout. 


There are 4 full size boxing rings, and one full size wrestling ring. A selection of cardio equipment is also available including treadmills, steppers and stationery bikes. Trainers and fighters, both male and female, are also available for consultation or extra work. They have a variety of office suites available. These include executive workplaces and traditional boxing offices complete with fantastic collections of boxing memorabilia you will not find anywhere else in the World! The offices can also double up as private changing or make up rooms. Both Male and Female locker rooms are on the premises and include lockers, benches and showers. For more info and to get in touch with them visit

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