Fellow Barber

Fellow Barber celebrates barbering tradition. Since opening in 2006, Fellow has independently expanded to multiple locations around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and San Francisco. Along the way, they developed their own product line, which is carried in barbershops and retailers worldwide.

The company is built on people, style and skill. They are an equal opportunity employer, hiring talent from all walks of life. Each one of their shops embodies the individuality of its staff, clients, and aesthetics inspired by the neighborhoods in which they reside.

This is not a trend but a tradition. A tradition they preserve and celebrate, one service at a time.


55 Water Street

Melt Bakery

111 Front Street

Barber on Pearl

57 Pearl Street

Mr. Taka

55 Water Street

Butler Bakeshop

40 Water Street


164 Water Street

Bel Moka Spa

145 Front Street

Gleason’s Gym

130 Water Street

VHH Foods

Empire Stores


Empire Stores

Smile To Go

Empire Stores