The fashion-forward, casual-chic boutique was founded in 2010 by Atlanta native Brittanie Yvonne (the store's name is a play on her middle name). The EHVonnae (or EHV for short) girl is effortlessly chic. She is the low-key girl in the room who naturally commands attention. She's confident in who she is and dresses each day according to her mood and purpose. She feels amazing whether dolled up or dressed down. It's "whatEHVer" with this chick. She knows it all comes down to attitude.

TEIZO from Yoshi Designs

145 Front Street

Ramen Bar

140 Plymouth Street

7 Old Fulton

7 Old Fulton Street

The Lab

77 Front Street

Chase Bank

136 Front Street


145 Front Street

Michael Hanz

127 Plymouth Street

M&A Design

57 Pearl Street

Front General Store

143 Front Street


145 Front Street

Bel Moka Spa

145 Front Street


145 Front Street