With a roasting facility and four cafés in New York City, Devoción is a game changer for coffee in the U.S. as the only true Farm-to-Cup roaster serving the "freshest coffee" available in this country.  By flying in their direct trade, single-source beans via FedEx from Bogotá to NYC weekly for roasting in the brand’s flagship 3600 square foot Williamsburg facility, Devoción goes from origin-to-roaster-to-cup in as little as 10 days, lightyears quicker than the industry norm of 6-12 months.  In addition to the unprecedented fresh factor, it stands out in the U.S. 's extremely competitive and increasingly crowded specialty coffee market because of the singularly high quality of its beans grown under the purest, most natural conditions in some of Colombia’s most isolated areas.  Due to Devoción’s exclusive relationships with small farms throughout Colombia, they secure beans rarely available to any other company in the world. Devoción’s relationships with their farmers is paramount to the brand’s success leading the socially conscious company to pay a significant premium over fair trade prices and reinvest in the communities from which they source their coffee.

The new 1,460 sq ft. Devoción café, officially located at 105 York Street on the corner of Jay and York shares similar design elements to the brand’s previous stores with 20 ft ceilings, large floor to ceiling windows that provide generous natural light and an industrial character with concrete floor and exposed ceiling piping.  Another signature element of  Devoción’s cafes is the greenery, showcased in the new cafe by Tom Colletti from Brooklyn Horticulture with three 16-foot planters created from squared solid Colombian naturally fallen Pine trees hung from the ceiling with steel chains, hollowed out to host planters filled with jungle-like hanging plants and indigenous flowers. 
Open from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm M-F, and 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekends, the new 32-seat café will offer the brand’s trademark farm-fresh direct trade coffee, a variety of fresh pastries and, in what is a first for Devocion, a selection of hand-picked specialty food items from local Devocion wholesale customers, such as wild sour cherry Greek yogurt and a brown rice Arroz con Leche (rice pudding) from Soho’s Pi Bakerie.

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