Canary Music of Dumbo

Canary Music School provides early childhood music classes, group violin classes, and piano, violin, and guitar private lessons for all levels and ages. Founded by Tomoko Shimizu and Cindy Snell, Canary Music cultivates a collaborative creative environment where music learners from all backgrounds can explore, express, and expand their imaginations. Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Ms. Tomoko has inspired hundreds of early childhood students with her strong foundation of Music Therapy and Piano Performance. Growing up in sunny Southern California, Ms. Cindy has a background in Piano Performance, Education, and Art and two decades of teaching experience. The two met in New York City, where their shared passion for piano and music education led them to become fast friends and professional partners. Their practice utilizes unique and individualized methods that enhance the students' learning experiences through tailored programs. Their goal is to provide positive and creative musical experiences to expand the potential in students of all abilities. They believe that music teaches us important life lessons that we carry with us wherever we go. Musicians learn how to feel, express, and grow through the discipline of daily practice and collaboration with others. Music brings people together through the joy of creative expression, and it is our greatest pleasure to share this gift that lasts a lifetime! They encourage each Canary Music student to treasure their uniqueness, explore their curiosity, broaden their imagination, and embrace creative self-expression through music and art.