Brooklyn Game Lab

The Brooklyn Game Lab encourage kids’ growth mindset by choosing smart, challenging board, card, and role-playing games. The games foster exploration and expansion of knowledge and skills, while friendships develop between like-minded kids. They work in small groups to come up with new rules, new characters, and other items that can transform a game into a more exciting, unusual, or competitive experience.

Kids receive positive reinforcement during and at the conclusion of every session. Their merit system rewards kids’ accomplishments and contributions. When kids reach Level 7 thru merit-earning, they join one of the Game Lab's five Immortal clans and compete on the largest youth board game on the planet.

Their after school programs include Studio Lab and Quest Lab. The pickup from area schools and bring kids to the lab to play modern day board games, Dungeons & Dragons and tons of other unplugged activities (no screens!). When the weather is nice, they'll go outdoors for active gaming that involves custom foam weapons called Battle Lab.

If the public schools are on break, they’re gaming! The Game Lab has fun activities lined up from 8:00am until 6:00pm. Kids can spend time playing board games, partaking in storytelling or designing games. Weather permitting, they even go outside for sword fighting as part of their Battle lab!

Brooklyn Game Lab also offers Teen Programming, Homeschool Programming, Social Skills Classes, Birthday Party Bookings, Field Trips for schools/private groups and more! Check out for schedules and more information.