Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 3 Greenway Terrace

Framed by panoramic views of the New York Harbor and skyline, and featuring salvaged granite blocks that emerge from planted areas, the Pier 3 Greenway Terrace completes the continuous promenade that runs along the water’s edge from Pier 1 to Pier 6. The picturesque Granite Terrace provides a unique gathering spot with ample seating and vantage points for taking in the view. Shielded from BQE traffic noise by a sound attenuating berm , the Pier 3 Greenway Terrace also includes two lawns for visitors to relax on in this outstanding setting.

Featured photo from Etienne Frossard.

Bridgestone Cleaners

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Jane's Carousel

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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 1

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Pier 1