Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 1

Pier 1 is the largest of the Brooklyn Bridge Park’s piers, and the only one built on landfill rather than supported by wooden marine piles. Pier 1 includes two sweeping lawns, Bridge View Lawn and Harbor View Lawn, a playground at the northern edge with play equipment for younger children, a stunning waterfront promenade, and a series of tree-lined pathways that provide a varied waterfront experience. Its gardens include four freshwater ponds and a tidal Salt Marsh that recreate the waterfront’s natural environments, as well as beautiful ornamental plantings. Home to much of the Park’s programming, Pier 1 is a stunning space that feels secluded from its bustling urban surroundings. The Citywide Ferry and New York Water Taxi offer service from the ferry dock on the Pier’s northern end.


19 Old Fulton Street

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

60 Furman Street

Cliffs at DUMBO

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Main Street

Bel Moka Spa

145 Front Street

TEIZO from Yoshi Designs

145 Front Street

One Girl Cookies

33 Main Street

Brooklyn Bridge Park - Main Street

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Main Street

Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 4 Beach

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Pier 4 Beach

Empire Stores

55 Water Street


65 Jay Street

Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Pier 2

DUMBO Ferry Stop

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Pier 1

The Granite Prospect at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Pier 1