Breads Bakery

VIP Deal

Free coffee (espresso or drip) at Breads Bakery with the purchase of any whole bagel at Breads Bagelry.

Sure, Seinfeld launched babka into popularity after its notorious episode, but Breads Bakery put it on the map—and into our thankful mouths—when it opened in Union Square six years ago. Today, its chocolaty, gooey rolls of joy are considered not only the best babkas around town, but also some of the best pastries, full stop. Now at Time Out Market you can try its crowd favorite, alongside other flaky, buttery treats like croissants, strudels and chocolate chip cookies. The baked goods are best relished with an espresso (pulled by expert baristas) or a cortado or a cappuccino—yadda, yadda, yadda.


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