Berl’s Poetry Shop

Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop is New York's only all poetry bookstore. It is a bookstore that sells poetry books and chapbooks; a space that celebrates art, creativity, performance, and the handmade; a partner to many small presses local to Brooklyn, around the country, and worldwide; a place for readers of all ages; a passion project; an experiment; a gallery for books; a home for words;a place to read, to hear poets read, to meet poets and readers, and to join a community.

With the Manhattan Bridge rumbling overhead, they make their home amid a vibrant Brooklyn literary culture in DUMBO, near the former stomping grounds of Walt Whitman. The shop is named after co-founder Jared White's late grandfather, Harmon "Berl" White, an inspiring entrepreneur and book lover.

Here are some things coming up at Berl's Poetry Shop

Alta Calidad

55 Water Street

Foragers Market

56 Adams Street

Pearl Body Works

145 Front Street

TEIZO from Yoshi Designs

145 Front Street

Glam Expressway

145 Front Street

Aha Front

147 Front Street

Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Pier 2

Loop of the Loom

197 Plymouth Street