Barolette Martial Arts

Barolette Martial Arts cultivates an environment for growth through martial arts training in the heart of Dumbo, Brooklyn. Their program gives children the opportunity to learn how to stay fit and set goals through the martial arts. Their fun activities and curriculum provide a safe environment and family atmosphere for students, to improve their focus, fine and gross motor skills, team work and discipline. 

In addition to teaching their students self-defense, they also address what to do in stranger danger and bully situations.

Barolette Martial Arts offers a unique opportunity for character development and is a key building block to improving a child’s self esteem and confidence. 

Classes include:

Little Tigers

Ages 3-5. The Little Dragons program is designed to be educational, exciting and fun. We lay the foundation for your child’s success by teaching the importance of cooperation, listening and concentration.


Ages 6 – 11. The Junior Program emphasizes the principles of the martial arts through a challenging and fun curriculum. This program’s curriculum is a combination of martial arts and life skills.

Special Needs

Ages 5 – 11. Children with Special Needs thrive on structure and discipline. Barolette Martial Arts is a unique way to provide consistency and repetition by learning techniques and fun exercises.

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