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Baci is an Italian brand with revolving collections for women who know quality and European style. Baci is well-known for it's relaxed approach, gentle fabrics and soft colors. Located under the Manhattan Bridge, Baci's philosophy mixes a bit of the fast pace of NYC with the elegance chic of Italian clothing.

Collections are designed and curated by, Batia - aka Baci - Rutenberg, a long term international fashion designer. “Baci” is also Italian for kisses, which represents the soft drape of their designs that effortlessly fall across the body, like dozens of soft kisses.

Pet Promise

140 Plymouth Street

Ramen Bar

140 Plymouth Street

Gleason’s Gym

130 Water Street

Brooklyn CYC Photo Studio

55 Anchorage Place


55 Anchorage Place


67 Front Street

FEED Shop & Cafe

Empire Stores

Rococo Design Showroom

145 Front Street