Alta Calidad

Alta Calidad’s chef-owner Akhtar Nawab brings New York City’s melting-pot sensibility to Mexican cuisine. Drawing on his Indian heritage, Nawab marries the flavors of multiple flags to create exciting new dishes like chicken tinga tacos as well as chorizo verde and egg roti. He proves that fusion cuisine, done without any gimmicky bells, whistles and cloyingly saccharine sauces of yesteryear, is having another moment, right here and now at Time Out Market. Simply put: Nawab’s food is modern, internationally inspired and altogether authentic to his unique New York story.

The Little Gym

75 Front Street


164 Water Street

Cecconi’s Dumbo

Empire Stores

Aegir Boardworks

99 Water Street

Butler Bakeshop

40 Water Street


11 Old Fulton Street

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

60 Furman Street

Vinegar Hill House

72 Hudson Avenue


55 Water Street

J. Crew Men’s Shop

55 Water Street

Cookie DÖ

55 Water Street