Absolute Piano

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$200 off the purchase of a piano OR one free month of rental during long-term (six months or more) home rental program.

Absolute piano is a refreshing change from the ordinary. With a unique, calm, and quaint atmosphere, their storefront under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass guarantees a no-pressure, casual enclave where you can shop, chat, and sample pianos at you own pace. Their experienced, accessible and friendly team offers expert technical service and traditional craftsmanship, and will thoroughly prepare and customize each piano, key by key, note by note, the old-fashioned way.

Personalized service and affordable prices for new and used pianos, piano rentals, piano moving, tuning, repair and all your piano needs.

Interested in learning to play the piano? They offer early childhood music classes, as well as private instruction for all ages and levels. Get in touch for more details.

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