Kiddos Welcome!


Classes galore. Parks for miles. And yes, pizza. Get the scoop on all things for all family members here.

Imagine growing up, throwing pebbles into the river, surrounded by bridges, birds and babies.

Local mom, Frannie Fakeoh

Dumbo is filled with families and they are well taken care of around here. The life of a Dumbo kid includes days riding scooters in Brooklyn Bridge Park, riding Jane's Carousel over and over again, an ice cream (or hot cocoa) at Jaques Torres, the best fries in the City at Superfine, a dress up party at Recess and rocking out on summer nights under the Archway. Babies are welcome in our quaint coffee shops and in our museums. Even Seamore's has a kids menu.

It’s warm! Get outside.

Pro tip: the roller skating rink is on Pier 2.