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Eating + Drinking

These are the dishes we're excited about and everyone's excited about because they're potentially great and if not that, at least they're interesting enough to write and/or read about.

I mean why wouldn't they?


Check out some of the incredible offers from the tastiest places in town.

Eating and Drinking Outdoors

The season is upon us at last!!!!

Best Bars Beyond the Manhattan Bridge

Drink with the locals.

Dumbo’s Epic Pizza Scene

A guide.

The Staple

Front Street Pizza

The pizza joint every neighborhood wishes they had. Great pies - or slices - and much more. Affordable and delicious.

On the Waterfront

Ignazio's Pizza

A lovely respite across from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The Original (kinda)


Named for his mom, Patsy Grimaldi's return to Dumbo is worth the wait. Open for outdoor dining, Sunday-Thursday from 11:30am – 8:30pm, and Friday & Saturday from 11:30am– 9pm.

The Original (sorta)

Grimaldi's Pizzeria

Sold by Patsy many moons ago, Grimaldi's still serves up legendary pies in a historic setting.

Lux and lovely.

Cecconi's Dumbo

Foodie and creative pies in a gorgeous space overlooking the river.

Like a local.

Love & Dough

Gourmet, wood fired pizzas and Brooklyn vibe - away from the tourist crush.