WIRED’s Take on the Brooklyn Tech Triangle

Since launching in June, the Brooklyn Tech Triangle Plan has made headlines across local and national media. A new article in WIRED, "Can Urban Planning Turn Brooklyn Into the Next Silicon Valley?" looks at how the design of our public spaces can foster a thriving tech hub in the heart of Brooklyn:

"On a basic level, it’s a smart piece of urban planning, calling for green spaces, significant investments in public lighting, and new transportation corridors, including bike paths and footbridges. The main point is cultural: By encouraging people to linger in the area rather than simply working there, the hope is that a shared sense of community will emerge–and with it, innovation."

The article also highlights how DUMBO's "Test Kitchen" initiatives, like the Pensa Street Charge, promote innovation.  As the author writes, "For the area to truly thrive, the plan suggests, startups will need to exist not just in Brooklyn’s office buildings but on its streets and sidewalks, too."