WeWork opens at DUMBO Heights

WeWork recently opened a brand new building in our backyard! Spaces are limited and filling quickly. You can schedule a tour here, or get in touch today with the Community team at dumboheights@wework.com for more details.

We sat down with the DUMBO Heights team to get the inside scoop.

How did WeWork get its start? What’s changed?

What started as a single office in 2010 has since grown into a network of nearly 50 locations in 16 cities worldwide. But we’re much more than a coworking space. We’re a community of creators—23,000 members strong and constantly growing.

In addition to daily events at each of our locations, we’ve been able to expand the services we offer our members to include healthcare, payment processing, and more. Our community now extends beyond the confines of physical space and includes a digital network as well, as well as a Commons membership that allows access to the benefits of the member network but without the physical space. Whether you’re at a desk Monday through Friday or working from a common space once a month, becoming a part of WeWork means becoming a part of a larger community.

Can you tell us more about how creativity fits into your overall mission?

We are helping to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living. In recent years, there has been a shift toward a new way of work—one focused on a movement towards meaning. WeWork is accelerating this movement. We provide a platform for members to create their life’s work, and office space is just one small part of that equation.

From startups and freelancers to entrepreneurs and divisions of larger enterprises, our community is diverse, and different members have different needs. That said, our members’ values are largely the same across the globe: they value inspiration and collaboration, and our physical spaces are designed with that in mind.

What sets WeWork apart from other collaborative workspaces?

Above all else, our focus is our community. While we offer shared workspace and services that enable businesses and freelancers to thrive, the most important thing is empowering our members and fostering those relationships. We want to make a difference in the lives of those who are focusing their energy on building a business, and truly believe that we work better together. Community is at the heart of all that, and our focus on that aspect is what sets us apart.



Expanding to Brooklyn felt like a natural next step for us. We’ve long been inspired by the area’s creative energy, and are excited to welcome a new community of creators to another New York City borough. As one of the city’s major art and tech hubs, DUMBO seemed like the perfect spot for the first Brooklyn WeWork community to grow and flourish. We’re looking forward to meeting our neighbors and getting to know the area!