Welcome to DUMBO

DUMBO is home to so many things: amazing culture, a tight knit community, world-class destinations, creative businesses, and a growing digital and design scene. This is your online resource for all things DUMBO - from the latest scoop on the creative characters that can be found here to a comprehensive and accessible listing of all of the events, meet-ups, art, culture and excitement right at your door. This site will be updated daily - so please stay tuned.

  • DUMBO.IS/COMMUNITY: DUMBO will continue to surprise and delight you - and we hope to be responsible for many of these discoveries. Such as: a dining room table made from old bowling alleys... a helpful video from DUMBO's own Etsy and Recycle-a-Bicycle... family highlights for the DUMBO Arts Festival... and what to know before heading to the long line at Jane's Carousel this weekend. Spend some time on this site and you might never cross Old Fulton again.
  • DUMBO.IS/DIGITAL: DUMBO is New York's Digital District - home to more than 80 incredible digital businesses, app builders, designers who are shaping the internet, and start-ups that are changing the way you work, shop, and play. We've got award winning creative agencies; we beat Manhattan in free public WiFi; and while we're waiting on our new NYU Poly incubator to open this fall - we argue that DUMBO itself is an incubator. Scores of creative, tech savvy, Brooklyn based, forward thinking, back and forth linking, amazing minds - all in a few square blocks. If you're one of our digital class, please tell us what you're up to and we'll share it with the rest of the neighborhood. But don't just head straight to DUMBO.IS/DIGITAL every time you visit. Sniff around to discover that DUMBO is full of great culture and entertainment, fascinating people both within and beyond the digital world.
  • DUMBO.IS/CULTURE: Last year, DUMBO officially became one of New York City’s premier Arts Clusters. This site is a team effort by all of the members of the DUMBO Arts Cluster. It will be full of sneak peaks, insider info and highlights of the cultural calendar. From gallery shows to great performances at St. Ann’s Warehouse and Galapagos, to readings at powerHouse Arena and art fairs and festivals - the cultural offerings of this neighborhood are incredibly rich and diverse. Use the Decoder to plan your entire DUMBO itinerary.