True story: Irene lives on in DUMBO

In case you haven't followed this one, @Irene - the unofficial twitter voice of Hurricane Irene this summer - is in fact a social media strategist at Huge.  The story has been well reported: DUMBO's Irene (IreneTien) snags a great first name twitter account years ago and innocently tweets from there. Along comes a hurricane and our Irene gets tweets from random people assuming she is in fact a hurricane. She tweets back: “Btw, tweeting @irene doesn’t deliver any messages to the hurricane. Sorry.” And it's on. @Irene's tweet spreads with the speed of a Category 4. Some excited Huge coworkers catch wind of @Irene and convince DUMBO's Irene to let them keep up this conversation with the planet. They decide @Irene will stay female, punchy, and flexible enough to deliver serious  information (by coordinating with FEMA) and light-hearted jeering to keep up the spirits of all those stuck indoors during the storm. For more on how this all went down in DUMBO - read the Wall Street Journal's full account.

DUMBO's Irene also shared some of her favorite sequences with DUMBO:

  • @Irene: You'll thank me when you're sober. RT @elinask: shame on you for forcing cancellation of tonight's @JimmyBuffett concert.
  • @Irene: You'll thank me when yr older. RT @BGrasberger: Can't believe the Dave Matthews concert on Governors Island today is cancelled.
  • @Irene: Wait … you mean to tell me Derrick Jeter is single again? BRING HIM TO ME.
  • @Irene: New York is great, but can someone tell me which Ray's Pizza is the original?

Irene Tien has since reclaimed her famous name and could be found after the storm, like the rest of New York, back at work Monday morning.