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The Irish are Back at St. Ann’s

Enda Walsh sold out the Galway Arts Festival with his dark, dangerous and blisteringly funny tale of one man and his judgement day. Next stop for the Irish playwright: St. Ann’s Warehouse, where you can see Cillian Murphy star in the US debut of Misterman starting November 30.

“I wish you could meet Enda Walsh in person. He looks quite normal, and he doesn’t age! And he’s hilariously funny. You’d never suspect the dark behind the humor – until you see his plays – full of longing, dreams, and unattainable trials,” St. Ann’s Director Susan Feldman tells us.

Cillian Murphy’s character, Thomas Magill, is the self-proclaimed moral leader of Innisfree, Ireland, journeying through the town to seek salvation for his neighbors, who all but shun him. He’s been described as a child trying to push a rock up a hill. Thomas does a lot of running, climbing, flinging to work out his destiny. Feldman, who saw the play in Galway in July, says, “It’s clear that the character had taken on a life of his own, no longer the mere invention of the man I was talking to – something I’ve felt before about Enda and his plays. They’re unimaginable, miraculous.”

This is Cillian Murphy’s first collaboration with playwright/director Enda Walsh since Disco Pigs, which launched both men’s careers 15 years ago.

Misterman garnered tremendous acclaim at Galway. Reviewing Misterman‘s July run, the Irish Independent has described the production as “theatre at its most raw, most barbaric and most beautiful.” Which, we might add, happens to be a spot-on description of St. Ann’s Warehouse as well.

Misterman runs November 30- December 21. Tickets are available here.