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A Night at the Ballet: Mischief, Mischief and More Mischief

Gelsey Kirkland Ballet is thrilled to announce that the third and final program of its 2015/2016 season: Mischief, Mischief and More Mischief, with works by choreographers Yakobson and Levitsky & Soloveyva and the adorable 19th century one-act classic Harlequinade, on May 19-22. 
Russian/Jewish choreographer Leonid Yakobson‘s The Wedding Procession, subtitled The Jewish Wedding, is set to Shostakovich’s “Piano Trio Number 2 in E minor” from 1944 and inspired by Mark Chagall’s art. Though less well-known in the west, Yakobson was a major figure in Soviet ballet. For example, Baryshnikov’s prize winning performance of Vestris was choreographed by Yakobson. The Wedding Procession tells the story of the poor groom whose pregnant lover is forced to marry into a wealthier family – in front of everyone in the shtetl including, the Fiddler, the Piper, the Rabbi, both families, and of course the town gossip. The work is set by Gelsey Kirkland Ballet’s ballet master Nikolai Levitsky. He and his wife Vera Soloveyva, who served as the Artistic Directors of the Yakobson Foundation in St Petersburg Russia, previously set two other Yakobson works for the Boston Ballet (Rodin and Pas de Quatre) in 2015.
In contrast, the second ballet of the evening will be Walpurgis Night – the famed Bachanalian scene from Charles Gounod‘s Faust where virgins, satyrs, Pan and Roman Patricians celebrate the festival of Bacchus and culminating in an orgy-tastic finale. This exicitng work features magnificent sets of Roman ruins originally created for New York City Opera’s production of Mephistopheles, as well as original costumes form the production. Originally choreographed by Leonid Lavrovsky, this rendition has also been restaged and choreographed by Nikolai Levitsky and Vera Soloveyva. 
Back by popular demand and rounding out the evening is the adorable 19th century one-act classic HarlequinadeShowcasing all the stock commedia dell’arte characters, the work features the mischievous shenanigans of the cunning Harlequin and his adorable Columbine, who is jealously guarded by her father who conspires to marry her to a rich fop. 
Tickets for Mischief, Mischief and More Mischief, which promises to be a night of drama, sensuous acrobatic ballet and hilarious comedy, start at just $25 and are available for purchase at